Sunday, March 6, 2016

Here I am again thoughts swirling through my head. Like a hippie girl dancing to a GD song in GGP on a sunny day in the 70's. WOW!!! I guess I am kind of old now to be lamenting about mid life but I am coming out on the other side, how about that. I still feel young and with still a lot to do in this life. I know one thing and that is my regret for not doing all those crazy things I convinced myself were foolhardy and too risky. Oh no as a responsible family man you just can't take the chance. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Hang your ass out in the wind, jump in, run at full force, go where you have never been before, be original, be who you really are not who you are expected to be. Oh my my what strong words for a guy who has always played it way too safe. Is it ever too late ????? By By

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back again, don't know why

So this blog site is still out there. I don't know that I deserve it. My thoughts are so scrambled and disjointed I can't even understand them myself. Let alone some one else actually being interested in even trying to read them. Older but not wiser just more stuck. Does it ever change? Maybe not and that's a shame. Bye Bye.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SIXTY !!!!

Yeah it's me I am still on the top side of the grass. Turning sixty has been a very interesting feeling. Hard to explain. I feel good but the reality that the end is closer than the begining is a bit disconcerting. I am in pretty good condition. My same personal problems still rear their ugly heads on occasion. Not nearly as much or as intense though. After losing my job at MCE it took 2 years to find a good position and it is so much better now. Some of us old guys might never recover from that at this age.

So I have gone through about 3 so called mid life crisis. I am changing them to catharsis an epiphany a positive life change a different way of thinking. Are ya with me. Maybe some of my new thoughts can work for you too. All the busy things we all get tied down with can paralyze us. There is a huge difference between urgent and important things. I can get so busy with what seems to be urgent and just bypass all that is truly important. I know this is a hiding mechanism coming out of my subconciece.

Well I am out. SeeYa!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hank Moody is my hero

Californication is just spot on great. Hank just falls backwards into everything good and bad. He is there to experience it all and write about it if the spark ignites. So so cool and so so West Coast. I love it. Every mans dream at least of my age is the life Hank is getting away with living. It really isn't possible to pull it off for so long oh believe me in years past I tried. Couldn't do it I would be long dead. Living the fantasy through Hank is pretty dang good and a lot safer than trying to live it. Hank is my hero.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


This past year has been a tough one for Mary and I. Life changes that have been very unexpected. Job loss, physical injuries, economic pressures including possible foreclosure on our home. Also kind of an isolation and underlying depression. At the same time there has been growth and a push to move us on in life and not stay stuck in the past or accept mediocrity.
This new year is bringing many positive and life enriching changes and experiences. I thank the Lord for this life and all that I get to be a part of. I am opening myself up to be of service to do the Lords work through my day to day interactions with everyone. I don't really have any idea how that will play out or do I have any agenda to fulfill. I am keeping myself open to all possibilities.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote Your Hearts

On this election day I will not endorse anyone all I will say is vote what you truly believe in your heart and what you morally know is right. This choice will be different for different people but dig down deep and ask your soul what is right and why am I making this decision. Who we elect is a mirror of what we think about ourselves and what we want to project out to the rest of the world. As evolving humans we are compelled to move past old stereotypes and embrace an inclusive whole world and whole universe view. So lets see which way this country goes and who we think we are. So go vote show who you are.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

We love our dogs

Oh yeah they are a lot of work, sometimes trouble, sometimes heartbreak but they always love us. Dogs don't expect too much of us mostly a little to eat a warm place to sleep and a lot of love back from us. Mary and I have always had dogs Missy, JJ, Lady, Jake, Dezzi, Sierra, now Shasta and Sissy. Most have been Labs as are our current two very athletic very smart and very loyal. Yes we love our dogs they bring us closer to God as I have said before there is a reason God and dog share the same three letters. Anyway here are some dog pics. Love Ya All